What is Whistleblowing?

Whistleblowing allows employees and third parties to report improper behaviour of a company or employee that could impact the general public. Examples could include, fraud, poor health and safety standards, damaging the environment or hiding a wrongdoing.

Reports will be submitted to a dedicated team within the company or a third party impartial service. Once the cases have been submitted they will be evaluated and handled in accordance with the law and company requirements.


Why is Whistleblowing important?

Offering a platform for whistleblowers is now required by EU law for all public and private entities with more than 50 employees.
The law enshrines the protection of the whistleblower and ensures that those who report wrongdoing cannot be punished or lose their job.

Whistleblowing laws are not only in place for EU member states, but many other countries throughout the world have implemented similar rules. Unsure if you are operating in a jurisdiction with whistleblowing laws? You can check the latest rules that apply to your company via the National Whistleblowers Center website.

Is Whistleblowing risky for the whistleblower?

No! The Whistleblowing Act was introduced in order to enshrine the protection of the whistleblower.
As part of this, a whistleblower can not be punished or lose their job for filing a report.
There are multiple ways to protect the employees, reports can be anonymized, voices are distorted, four eye checks for reports can be implemented so reports cannot be hidden. Alternatively, to add an extra layer of security, a third party impartial service can be used to manage your reports.


Why purchase a Whistleblowing solution?

Developing your own whistleblowing platform can be a costly and time-consuming task, as you have to consider the numerous ways people can report and ensure the anonymity of the whistleblower. By purchasing your Whistleblowing software through DIESEC, we can have the system ready and live within a fraction of that time. Our software is also fully GDPR compliant and we as a company and our partners are ISO 27001 certified. Additionally, we provide three service levels so you can chose the package the suits your needs better:

Basic – Licence only, we will provide you with a licence and access to the software. You can set up and configure the tool how you wish.

Advanced – We will provide you with a licence, access to the tool and additionally we will do the set up for you.

Managed Service – We will provide with you everything in the advanced service and additionally take over the day to day running of the tool, including handling case reports and providing an annual report.

Why choose the DIESEC managed service?

Using a managed service provides an extra level of security when it comes to whistleblowing.
As a third party our consultants can not be influenced or potentially hide reports from whistleblowers.

Using unknown case handlers from a third party company means whistleblowers will not fear any repercussions, this is especially important for smaller entities where there is a higher chance that the whistleblower and case handler will work together.


Do you need support?

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