Red Teaming

Red teaming security for maximum protection

You have all the best security standards implemented. You have the cutting-edge security hardware and software deployed and installed. You have conducted a penetration test and fixed all discovered vulnerabilities. You may think you have all your bases covered. But wait… there is something more you can do for the security of your assets: Red teaming.

Red team pentesting is a simulation of a full-scope, maximally close-to-reality attack on your assets from different angles conducted by a team of experts in various areas of cybersecurity. It is a specialized form of penetration testing that results in the highest assessment and verification of your network and IT systems.


Why do you need red team IT security?

Do you have a security system that meets the strictest industry standards? You may feel confident in your company cyber security implementation because the standard creators have analyzed hundreds of the most popular vulnerabilities and exploitations to protect you from the most widespread attacks. So then why do you need to add red teaming security services?

The truth is that real attackers, especially experienced cybercriminals, don’t learn industry standards and don’t act on them. For such criminals, a cyber attack is not a standardized process. Unlike penetration testers, they don’t follow clearly written out procedures. Instead, they rely on their criminal intuition and experience to find a loophole in your security. They look for anything that can compromise your assets and use sophisticated, extraordinary ways to penetrate your digital systems and make you fall victim to their cunning minds.

No standard can predict all the tricks that a sophisticated criminal mind can create. Only a red team service can help you address this security gap.

What is the difference between red team security testing and penetration testing?

Sometimes people confuse red team tactics with black-box penetration tests. Though the strategies are similar, there is a critical difference. Black-box pen testing is conducted within industry standards by following specific pre-determined procedures. On the other hand, red team pen testing is a creative and spontaneous method of breaching your IT systems.

To implement a red teaming security strategy, you invite a team of highly qualified specialists to simulate a system cyber attack. These specialists don’t just act like a potential adversary – they think like the adversary. In other words, your red team cyber security experts don’t just apply security standards, but they look at your assets like an attacker, with an open mind. They don’t follow standards and procedures blindly. Instead, they implement out-of-the-box attack strategies to discover hidden and unimaginable vulnerabilities!

Cyber red teaming experts use their comprehensive knowledge to find a loophole in your defense, gain a foothold and then breach your systems until they get what they want. They perfectly imitate an adversary, from thoughts to behavior – but only to let you protect your assets before real cybercriminals come into play.

In other words, black-box penetration testing is a craft while red team pen testing is an art. And art cannot be created by ordinary persons – it requires masters. You can find the top masters of red team tactics only at DIESEC.

Red team blue team, what is the difference?

There are two types of teams when you're trying to protect something: the blue team and the red team. The blue team is the group of people who are trying to keep something safe. The red team is the group of people who are trying to break into something.


How DIESEC’s red team service works

What happens once you book a red team security testing service with DIESEC?

Your digital assets will be attacked on three different levels:

  • Network
  • Web-applications
  • People (Social Engineering)

Some consulting companies go straight to testing one of these levels. But at DIESEC we understand there is one more prior step to cyber teaming red that cannot be neglected.

DIESEC’s red team pen testing always starts with OSINT (Open-source intelligence).

How OSINT can ruin you… or save you

Any individual browsing the Internet leaves behind publicly available information such as email address, IP address and usernames. Additionally, social media activity could result in more data, such as conversations, phone numbers, images and videos, also becoming publicly available and easily found by searching the Internet. For organizations, every employee, accidentally or intentionally, leaves behind some information when using the Internet. This treasure of information can easily create security loopholes for companies. Your adversaries, including experienced criminals, will inevitably use it against you. OSINT experts (unfortunately, many of them are criminals) are able to extract confidential company information and apply it to conduct devastating attacks.

For example, finding out what hardware and software you use helps to choose an exploit to break into your network. Knowing the technologies used in your web applications makes it much easier to find vulnerabilities and exploit them, e.g., steal your databases. Getting information about your employees helps to conduct an unbeatable social engineering attack on your team.

It is extremely important to know what your adversaries can dig out about you on the Internet. It helps define vectors of possible attacks and take appropriate defensive measures in time. That is why many companies consider red team IT security as a must for building proper security architecture.

After conducting a detailed OSINT, DIESEC’s experts will get to red teaming security of your network, web applications and staff, testing them for resilience to the most sophisticated and cunning attacks.

The result? You will be confident that you have done your best to protect your assets.

Does red team cyber security have drawbacks? Yes, but only one: cost. This job requires high-level skills and experience for completion. It is a top-class service, so you require red teaming only in case you have real values to protect – something that needs the highest level of protection.


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