Phishing Simulations

What Are Phishing Simulations?

As the use of AI by threat actors grows, phishing emails are getting harder to spot as they start to look more realistic. Phishing simulations are the best way to test your company’s susceptibility to phishing emails and heighten your employee’s awareness to threats.

The simulated phishing emails are sent out to staff members and registers if they click the links, fill in their personal details or if they correctly report the email as a phishing attempt.

The more users are exposed to simulated phishing attacks the lower the probability they will be caught by a genuine attempt.


Why Are Simulated Phishing Emails Important?

It is shown the more that people are exposed to simulated phishing emails, the higher the chance that they recognise real phishing attempts and keep your organisation secure.

Our offer does not only include phishing emails but also comes with an information security awareness academy. The academy provides additional training and awareness sessions for other IT security topics.

Are Phishing Simulations Risky?

No! Our simulated phishing attacks pose no threat to your organisation and will not leak any sensitive data.

Additionally, you are able to customise the settings to avoid certain types of phishing emails being sent out to staff members.


What Is The DIESEC Academy?

The DIESEC Academy is our online information security awareness training centre and it comes included with all of our phishing simulations packages. Every user will have full access to the DIESEC Academy with no additional costs. The DIESEC Academy offers short, fun and interactive training sessions, which are on average less than 10 minutes long.

The sessions are available in various languages, with more languages in the process of being added. Sessions will be assigned to users in regular intervals to help increase their cyber security awareness.

As the user progresses through the academy, they will be awarded online certificates for their achievements.

Along with the set courses there is also the opportunity to configure your own modules, so you can produce targeted IT Security training courses. 

What Is Included In Our Phishing Simulations Offer?

The following benefits are included in our Phishing packages

  • AI driven phishing simulations – Using machine learning our tool sends out automated phishing emails, making them more challenging as the user learns to recognise the phishing attempts
  • DIESEC Academy – Through our information security awareness academy, users will take short training courses at regular intervals that are fun and engaging
  • AI chatbot – Our AI chatbot is able to provide users first level support for IT Security questions

Are You Interested In Our Phishing Simulations?

If you are interested in hearing more about our phishing simulations and IT security awareness training please reach out to us to organise an introductory call and demonstration of the tool!

We are looking forward to your message.

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