IT Forensics

What is IT Forensics?

IT Forensics can help organizations prevent potential cybersecurity and data breaches. By examining the IT environment, organizations gain a better understanding of which systems and user accounts may have been compromised.
It also helps identify department-wide anomalies and aids administrators troubleshoot or remediate security vulnerabilities.
In addition, it can support organizations identify unwanted activity early and implement measures to enhance security.


Is IT Forensics Important for Companies?

Yes, IT forensics is a very important technology in today's digital world.
Data security and cybersecurity have become of such great importance that IT forensics is applied to identify and prevent a potential incident. In addition, IT forensics provides organizations with the ability to detect breaches early and take appropriate action to protect systems and data from attack.

How does IT Forensics work?

IT Forensics is a collection of methods and techniques used to detect, investigate, and prevent cybersecurity or data breaches.
Methods include forensic examination of the environment, automated scanning tools, evaluation of logs, and malware analysis.
By analyzing forensic information, organizations gain a better understanding of which systems and user accounts are at risk. It also helps identify unwanted activity to uncover and eliminate critical security vulnerabilities.


What is the S-A-P model?

The Secure-Analyze-Present (S-A-P) model of IT forensics is a process that helps organizations identify and remediate potential security risks. The process consists of the following steps:

Secure: First and foremost, the security of the network should be checked using tools such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, etc.

Analyze: Next, the forensic analysis can be performed, during which all relevant data is collected and examined to identify possible threats.

Present: After all the information has been analyzed, it can be documented and presented in a report so that the necessary measures can be taken in the following.

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