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5 automated penetration testing tools

You may be feeling confident about your data protection after installing the best security software for your network and applications. But, how can you be sure everything works as expected? The answer lies with penetration testing – a form of simulated ‘hacking’ against your own IT systems to identify weak points that may be exploited…

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Cyber Security Tips for Your Business

DIESEC - Blog - Cyber Security Tips for Your Business

Today, cyber threats are a common problem for all organizations and individuals. Actually, everyone can become a victim, and the consequences may be very upsetting. If individuals can cope with such a problem by themselves, companies and organizations are advised to think beforehand about the proper security level. That will greatly help them to save…

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Metasploit: Best Penetration Testing Software


Metasploit is an open-source pen testing tool designed to help companies and individuals discover system vulnerabilities. It was created by H.D. Moore in 2003 and was acquired by Rapid7, a provider of cybersecurity solutions and an IT insight platform. It is one of the most advanced cybersecurity solutions available, comprised of a host of unique…

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Microsoft Office 365 feature can help Cloud ransomware attacks

DIESEC - Blog - Microsoft Office 365 feature can help Cloud ransomware attacks

Ransomware hacking attacks typically target data stored on system endpoints and online drives. These files are traditionally not as thoroughly protected by local antivirus systems, and even though Microsoft’s web defense mechanisms are among the best on the market, a “dangerous piece of functionality” was discovered in Microsoft Office 365 recently. Proofpoint, one of the…

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Microsoft report on Russian cyber attacks on Ukraine

DIESEC - Blog - Microsoft report on Russian cyber attacks on Ukraine

Microsoft detected destructive cyberattacks against Ukraine and released a special report on April 27, 2022, titled “Special Report: Ukraine.”  The DHS (Department of Homeland Security) warns Ukraine that Russian cyberattack frequency may increase and potentially become even more aggressive. Cyber threat actors have already caused significant damage and may exploit any number of vulnerabilities that…

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