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What Are The Benefits of a Phishing Simulation Exercise?

Simulated phishing attacks are controlled exercises that emulate the strategies of threat actors who deploy phishing tactics to breach security defenses. These simulations closely resemble real phishing attempts—the kind that your employees might encounter as part of a real cyber attack. This article explores the current state of phishing awareness and then delves into some…

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Benefits of Soc as a service

At its core, a Security Operations Center (SOC) is a centralized unit dedicated to continuously monitoring, detecting, investigating, and responding to security incidents across your digital infrastructure. You can kind of think about a SOC as akin to the cybersecurity nerve center of your organization. However, building a traditional SOC is not straightforward—outsourcing this vital…

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5 Sources of Open Source Intelligence in Cyber Security

Whether it’s information on emerging threats or monitoring your company’s digital footprint, you don’t always need to pay big money to get top insights. This article describes open source intelligence and highlights five excellent sources of freely available information that can bolster your cybersecurity defenses. What is Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)? Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)…

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