Data Protection

Keep your data protected from corruption, compromise or loss with the powerful cutting-edge technologies.


Consulting and implementation from A to Z. Get assured your assets are safe&secure.


Protect your assets with the most reliable cyber technologies and be 100% sure you are safe with up-to-date penetration testing.

Training / education

Make your staff aware of cybersecurity issues and bulletproof to social engineering attacks.

Discover the Brand-new Secrets Cybercriminals don’t Want You to Know

COVID-19 has changed the cybersecurity landscape cardinally. Are your company in the crosshairs right now? Will you fall prey to a new sophisticated cyberattack? Will you be able to resist the new cunning tricks cybercriminals have prepared to attack your assets? Find the answers in the first issue of DIESEC’ Cybersecurity Q3 Review.

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Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is the most precise and reliable tool to get the real picture of your digital assets’ protection. Penetration testing brings you the clear truth about the state and...


What is a must to win a war? Well-trained warriors? Modern weapons and equipment? Nowadays, it’s not enough. Any army expecting to win also needs an excellent command, ideal resource allocation and...


Technically, compliance is a tool to get assured that your company meets the best security standards, laws and regulations in your industry. Practically, compliance is about trust, reputation, image and ...

Risk Management

We are living in a world full of risks. World, where total and absolute security does not exist. We cannot avoid all threats and dangerous situations. But what we really can is...

Anti-social Engineering

Imagine you have hardened your network with the most powerful tools possible. Now you can breathe out and say: “I am totally safe“, right?Unfortunately, the answer is ...

Digital Forensics

It happens every day to thousands of companies. Data breach, cyber espionage, ransomware, trojans, viruses, worms, insider leakages, whistleblowing – in other words, a kind of attack that brings devastating...

Data Security

All your assets are digital data. Just a set of ones and zeros storing on hard drives of personal computers, companies endpoints or in clouds. Unfortunately, they can be destroyed and lost forever at any moment, if ...

Advanced Persistant Threat

There is a special kind of enemy in the cyberspace. High-trained, cunning, well-funded and tenacious attackers united in coordinated teams. If they target your company, you’re in real danger. They will...