Meet the first issue of DIESEC’s Cybersecurity Quarterly Review

What is the most important thing to provide effective cybersecurity? What distinguishes those who are able to defend their assets and stop cybercriminals from those who fail easy prey to a cyber assault?

Knowledge and information make a difference. But it’s not about abstract knowledge or raw information – those do not make sense. It’s about a special kind of information: Data that was gathered, structured and analyzed by true experts before presenting to those interested. And that’s exactly what DIESEC’s Cybersecurity Quarterly Review is: Concentrated up-do-date knowledge to secure your digital assets.

This kind of knowledge is true power. Why? Because the ability to recognize what is going on with your digital assets can keep your business afloat, while unawareness can plummet it in no time.

Almost 12 years DIESEC has been delivering the best cybersecurity services to hundreds of clients worldwide. Mostly, we deal with the clients for whom cybersecurity equals surviving in business: financial institutions. We provide them with a whole package of modern cybersecurity services, including penetration testing, information security auditing, data protection, GRC (governance, risk management, compliance) staff education and digital forensics. Every day we face and successfully solve complicated cybersecurity challenges. We strive to contribute to the building of the secure and safe cyberworld as much as possible.

That is why we decide to start issuing this Review — to share the knowledge and experience gained by our experts during the years of working in the cybersecurity field. Sharing is caring.

DIESEC’s Review includes many points that will be interesting for everyone who wants to feel secure in the contemporary dangerous cybersecurity world. You’ll know about new cybersecurity trends and threats that hit users and companies around the world. You’ll find out the newest cunning tricks of cybercriminals targeting your company or home. You’ll discover the details of the most dangerous attacks of the Q3 and how to protect yourself from them.

As a pleasant bonus, the Review includes a special section where DIESEC’s experts share their real-life working experience in solving complicated cybersecurity tasks and challenges. And finally, you’ll learn what to expect in the cybersecurity field in the upcoming Q4 to be ready to face any adversary well-armed and protected.

Interested to know what exactly is under the cover of the first issue? The Q3 Review will be available in the first days of October.

Stay tuned to get your copy in time!